Adult Live Webcam Merchant Services

Need a merchant account for adult live webcam website? You have arrived at the right place.

While most traditional merchant account providers limit and prohibit adult sites, MagicPay provides flexibility, reliability and acceptance towards the industry. We believe that every legitimate business, that is legal by law, should be able to accept credit cards as a form pf payment.  Adult Live Webcam is considered high risk by many merchant services providers due to the type of business. As an expert in the high risk industry, MagicPay Merchant Services provides payment processing to a variety of adult entertainment services including live webcams, dating sites, escort services, adult retail stores, video sites, toys and more.

Adult Live Webcam Merchant Services

Adult Website Merchant Account

The first and most important step in accepting payments is to apply for a merchant account. The merchant account would allow you to process credit cards through a payment gateway, credit card terminal or POS system. If you are looking to process payments on your adult webcam site you would most likely need to use a merchant account and a payment gateway. The merchant account is the service that would transfer the money to you. The payment gateway is the terminal used to accept the payments through the merchant account.

Domestic Merchant Account

Here at MagicPay we offer both domestic and offshore merchant accounts for the adult industry. The qualifications for a domestic adult account are similar to any other domestic merchant account. We would require the following documents to get you setup:

We understand that there are exceptions, as every business is unique, not every merchant may have all the documents, we can work with you as long as you can accommodate our requests for any substitutes that we ask for.

Offshore Processing

In the lack of having a domestic business and bank account we would recommend applying for an offshore merchant account. These accounts take 5-10 business days to get approved and usually would allow you to process multiple currencies and get deposits in your currency in almost any country. Offshore merchant accounts provide more flexibility in the terms of country of incorporation and location of bank account. A domestic merchant account is limited to having a US corporation and a US bank account.


Payment Gateway for Adult Live Webcams

As mentioned previously, the payment gateway is the terminal, or the tool, used to accept credit cards through the merchant account. A payment gateway by itself is not good if you do not have a merchant account. It is like having a car with no gas. Since a payment gateway is easier to obtain than a merchant account, MagicPay provides great flexibility with the use of payment gateway. Below is the list of the payment gateway we work with:

Once your merchant account is approved with us, we would let you choose the payment gateway you would like to use. While our preferred payment gateway is the MagicPay gateway, we understand that your past experience with other payment gateways would insist otherwise.