Mobile EMV & PIN Debit Card Processing

Introducing the Miura M010

Mobile EMV & PIN Debit Processing

EMV Migration

As the US is phasing out of magnetic-stripe credit cards and replacing them with EMV chip technology, you need to upgrade your credit card processing hardware. MagicPay is here to make sure this transition is smooth.

EMV – the Numbers

EMV Ready Merchants 37%
Cardsholders with EMV Chip Currently 73%
Estimated % of EMV Cardholders in the US by 2017 95%
US Merchants with Non-Compliant CC Terminals 63%

EMV Mobile Payments

While most merchant processors are still behind on EMV acceptance, MagicPay is proud to introduce one of the first mobile EMV acceptance tehcnology in the United States. With our CardEase mobile application and the Miura M010 credit card reader, you can accept EMV credit cards and PIN debit cards anywhere, using your iPhone or Android device. The Miura M010 works with WiFi and Bluetooth and encrypts data instantly. Now you can accept credit cards on-the-go with confidence, knowing you’re covered with EMV certified transactions.

Mobile EMV Hardware

Mobile EMV Processing – Overview

Accept EMV Cards on iPhone or Android

Ready to take your processing to the next level? Start accepting chip cards on-the-go with EMV mobile payments technology. Our mobile payment processing technology is the most advanced and secured on the market.

With an EMV certified payment gateway you can feel at ease as your transactions are certified to process with chip cards.On top of accepting EMV credit cards you can now process PIN debit cards with your iPhone or Android device. Using one of our encrypted Bluetooth credit card readers you can process PIN, EMV, NFC and MSR transactions wherever you go.

Accepting PIN debit cards on a mobile device is relatively new in the US. The greatest advantage of accepting PIN debits is lower processing fees, less fraud and greater merchant protection for chargebacks and overall less liability.

EMV Chip helps fighting fraud. Counterfeit cards are now fought by the EMV chip. Lost or Stolen cards are fought by the use of PIN and signatures, while card-not-present transactions are handled by encryption and tokenization.

Types of Fraud and the EMV Effect

What is EMV, MSR, NFC & PIN?

Many merchants are confused because of the multiple acronyms that accompany payment processing. Here is a quick guide to help you understand those abbreviations:

  • EMV – Stands for “EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa” and typically is referred to credit cards that have a chip.
  • MSR – Stands for “Magnetic Stripe Reader” and usually refers to credit cards that you can only swipe.
  • NFC – Stands for “Near Field Communication” and relates to a technology that can be used to process payments using two devices (like your smartphone and a credit card terminal).
  • PIN – Stands for “Personal Identification Number” and currently in the payment processing industry is referred to the code a customer has to use with a debit card.

Mobile EMV Processing

Product & Pricing Information

How Does It Work?

  • Our app works on Apple and Android devices.
  • Our mobile payment terminal app allows you to process card present and card-not-present transactions. It also allows for EMV, MSR, NFC & PIN debit payments.
  • The app is connected via Bluetooth or WiFi to the mobile credit card reader.
  • Our mobile EMV credit card reader (Miura M010 and the M007) allows you to process cards anywhere while interacting with your mobile device for payment approval.

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