Airlines & Private Jets Merchant Account

Credit card processing made easy.

Merchant Services for Private Jet Operators

Private Jet operators struggle to find a reliable and affordable merchant account services. Most merchant services provide avoid working with private airlines due to in-experience and inability to support high ticket transactions.

This is where MagicPay provides a change. MagicPay specializes in private jet merchant accounts. We allow private airlines to accept credit cards and provide the ability to accept high ticket transactions.

High ticket and high volume are just some of the benefits we provide. MagicPay works with international cards, allows integration directly to your dispatch system and provides the ability to accept online, MOTO and card-present payments at the airport, all with EMV-Chip technology. Offline payments are also available for taking payments on flights and in secluded areas.

airline merchant account

Jet Charters Merchant Account

payment processing services for small jet charter companies

Jet Charters are usually small to medium size airline companies offering air shuttles for short to middle length destinations. It is estimated that there are over 1100 air charters and private jet companies in the United States alone.

While most merchant services companies are denying applications made by jet charter companies, MagicPay provides a reliable and affordable merchant processing solution for jet charter companies.

We strive to offer merchant processing with advanced and secured technology. MagicPay provides an innovative yet user friendly payment gateway. Our gateway allows easy integration to over 200 shopping carts and supports dozens of CRM software and dispatch management systems.

If you have created your own airline management software, or needs custom integration, we do provide a custom API and onsite integration representatives that would help you with the integration process.

Airline Merchant Account

credit card processing for airline companies

Airline companies are generally considered to be financially stable, this does not stop merchant account providers from prohibiting airline companies from processing payments.

Airline companies are very dynamic. Flights may change or be delayed unexpectedly due to a variety of reasons. On the other hand, the merchant services industry is not very dynamic. Most merchant processors like to stay in the comfortable zone of no change.

Flight changes may cause customers to get stressed and feel uncomfortable which in certain situation results in a credit card dispute, also called a chargeback. This is exactly where MagicPay can help.

MagicPay acknowledges the difficulties of running an airline company. We understand not everything may go smooth and go as planned, but we provide the flexibility to allow our customers to handle this kind of situations.

With MagicPay Merchant Services technology you can feel at ease. Aside from reliable merchant services we provide chargeback prevention tools to allow you to reduce chargebacks in a variety of situations.

Payment gateway, monthly volume parameters, and maximum ticket size are determined by you, the merchant. Our approach is different as we underwrite each account individually.

Payment Processing Features

merchant account and payment gateway options

  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • Process ACH Payments
  • CVV, Address Verification (AVS) & IP Monitoring Technology
  • High Ticket and High Volume – OK!
  • New Companies? No Problem!
  • 3D Secure – Verified by Visa & MasterCard SecureCode
  • Virtual Terminal, Retail, Mobile & Online Payments
  • EMV, NFC, PIN & MSR Processing Available
  • Chargeback Monitoring and Prevention