Who Are We? a Boca Raton iPhone Credit Card Processing Company

MagicPay is a nationally known, South Florida based, merchant services provider serving Boca Raton local businesses. We offer iPhone credit card processing and other payment solutions for all type of merchants in a variety of industries in Boca Raton and the surrounding area. We concentrate in mobile credit card processing, in order to allow wandering merchants the power to accept credit cards on iPhone, Android or iPad device. Aside from offering consistent wireless payment solutions we also offer online payment gateway that enables e-commerce and other online and retail merchants to accept credit cards using our virtual payment gateway, reachable from any computer with an internet connection.

Our extensive range of expertise in the merchant services industry has pushed us to be a leading company in the payment processing industry. Personal care, customer agreement and mutual faithfulness is our proven formula to a long term business relationships with our merchants. After all, in this business, your success is our success and we will provide you with all the tools you require in order to make sure we are both benefiting from this liaison.


Accept Credit Cards on iPhone, Android or iPad

MagicPay offers a convenient and trustworthy mobile payment solution that will enable traveling merchants to accept credit cards on iPhone, Android or iPad, available at Boca Raton. Our group of apps transform any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry phone or tablet into a mobile credit card machine, giving merchants the capability to accept credit cards anywhere. Customers can pay and sign for their purchases directly on the portable device and have a receipt emailed to them with a copy of their signatures image. Merchants have the ability to process credit cards whether they are present or not by entering the credit card details into the app. S


Accept Online Payments

Aside from being a Boca Raton iPhone Credit Card Processing firm, If you are looking to accept credit cards on your PC, or on your website if you have an online shop (E-Commerce), then our virtual terminal is the complete solution for you. The virtual terminal, also called virtual payment gateway, is easily reachable from any PC through our web-based merchant gateway. A sale can be placed either by manually entering the credit card details in or by swiping the credit card with our USB operated credit card reader. Your customers will be able to put their credit card details and to place an order straightforwardly and securely through our reliable payment gateway. MagicPay’s Virtual Terminal is super customizable; change your logo, address, phone, theme, colors and many other unique features on the receipt your customers will receive immediately after purchase. Export transactions easily to Quickbooks, setup recurring billing, accept electronic checks, advanced fraud protection and free online shopping cart system.


Why Choose MagicPay As Your Boca Raton iPhone Credit Card Processing Merchant Services Provider?

– No Sign Up Fee
– No Application Fee
– No Termination Fee, Risk Free!
– FREE Credit Card Reader
– No Monthly Fee Accounts Available
– No Annual Fee
– Process Mobile Payments (Accept Credit Cards on iPhone or Android)
– Process Payments on Your Website For E-Commerce
– 24/7 Live Customer Service

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