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Need a merchant services provider? Thinking about changing your current credit card processor? MagicPay offers reliable and trustful merchant services to businesses nationwide, in any size, at a variety of industries.

We offer merchant services payment solutions at a variety of forms in order to comply with any business’s needs. Below are some details about our different merchant programs. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Mobile Payments Solution

MagicPay, offers mobile payments for portable merchants that are on the go constantly. Accept credit cards on your iPhone, Android or iPad, quickly, easily and securely. Get paid the next day with our MagicPay Flat solution. Enjoy “pay-as-you-go” plans, with no annual, monthly, setup or termination fees.

Virtual Payment Gateway

Have an online business? Want to setup credit card processing on your computer at your retail location? With our Virtual Terminal you will be able to accept credit cards on your website and on any computer with an internet connection easily and securely.

Retail Credit Card Terminal

Have your own retail location? Accept credit cards at your store with our reliable credit card machines. Easy to operate, no need for internet connection, just plug to a phone cord and swipe!

Boca Raton Credit Card Processing and Merchant Services

What Are Mobile Payments?

Our mobile payment solution for mobile merchants will turn any iPhone, Android or iPad into a portable credit card terminal. You will be able to accept credit cards anywhere, anytime, using your smartphone or tablet. In case you are worrying about the anytime part of the sentence, we really mean it. Even if you do not have cellular reception you will still be able to accept credit cards. Credit card details will be stored on an encrypted file on your device, later, when reception comes back, you will be able to upload the batch and continue the transaction.


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