Computer Repair Services Boca Raton, FL

MagicPay is a computer and merchant services company located in Boca Raton, FL. We provide computer repair services (PC Repair) including virus removal, hardware parts replacement, software installation, web design, networking, email support, diagnostics, online payment gateway setup and regular PC maintenance. Our retail PC repair services are currently offered by Boca Raton, FL and the surrounding area. Including Palm Beach, Broward and Miami Dade County.

We provide service at the customer’s location. We believe that each household or office is setup differently depending on the DSL / Cable provider of the home or business owner and their printing machinery initially purchased may be of a variety of kinds. Therefore in order for us to provide quick and reliable service our crew goes on calls the same day.

Services Performed:

Computer Services Boca Raton
Virus / Malware / Spyware Removal

Viruses and other malicious files are constantly looking for a way to enter your computer. Removing viruses and setting up a protected firewal that will prevent viruses from re-surfacing on your personal computer is a job designed for one of our experts. With years of professional experience, our technicians have seen almost any kind of viruses and know the best techniques of removing and securing your personal and business files. As you are searching for computer services at Boca Raton, FL be confident MagicPay will solve yoru problem!

Computer Services Boca Raton, FL

Contact Information:

Toll Free: (855) 891-2600

Local: (561) 235-7606

Fax: (561) 880-8472

Operating System Installation / Upgrade

Whether you are buying a new computer, need a complete computer cleanup (re-formatting Windows) or need to upgrade your Windows Operating System into a newer version, our technicians are trained to perfom these tasks quickly while implementing their high level of expertise in the field. Computer repair services by Boca Raton is a task for professionals! Call us today.

Operating System Installation and Upgrade

Desktop and Laptop Parts Replacement

In the unfortunate scenario in which you would need to replace a laptop LCD screen, computer hard drive, laptop keyboard or any other hardware part, you can be sure your computer will be treated with utmost care. Our computer lab invludes the most updated and advanced technology to diagnose hardware issues, solve them and replace the necessary part quickly depending on the circumstances.

Computer Parts Replacement Boca Raton

Software Installation / Removal

Each person / business has a different need for ther computer. Some people may use it for work while others for pleasure. Generally, people use different softwares, each software has different requirement from a computer in order to operate properly. Our crew is trained to detect and obey the requirements in order to have the software operate smoothly on your computer. In the event a certain software is needed to be uninstalled, our tech crew will make sure to remove all files associated with a specific software, not leaving any traces of the software that may harm your computer at a later date.

Software Installation

Home and Business Networking

In such advanced technological era, almost every home or business uses the internet. Having a reliable internet connection is the key to success for many businesses. MagicPay technical team can setup your home or business network, making sure every computer, smartphone or tablet is connected to WiFi and has a reliable and fast internet conncetion.

Business and Home Network Setup

Customized Email Setup and Support

Email or electronic mail, has become a reliable and quick way of communicating among businesses. Running a secure, reliable and quick email server is crucial to people, but specifically businesses. MagicPay troubleshoots email problems and solves any email connectivity issues. Whether you are using a free email address such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or AOL or a customized email using your own domain, our crew can help you setup new email addresses, fix SMTP or POP3 issues and make sure that your email runs smoothly.

Customized Email Setup