Convenience and Benefits of Mobile Credit Card Processing




Accepting credit cards has a lot of benefits for both the merchant and the customer,

  1. Increase Sales – Studies have shown that businesses who accept credit cards see an increase of 50% – 70% in sales .
  2. Build Trust – Studies have shown that merchants that display credit card logos as a form of payment you accept gives a sense of trust and loyalty to the customers, therefore chances are they will do business with you.
  3. Increase Cash Flow – as your sales will increase so will your cash flow, you won’t have to be waiting for a check in the mail anymore as the credit card payments will be deposited to your bank account within 24 hours.
  4. Get Impulsive Buyers – Credit cards holders typically buy more than non-card holders, studies say 250% more merchandise!
  5. Convenience – more and more people carry less cash on them and use credit cards every day as it is much more convenient and secure for them. Many customers want to use their credit cards because of reward points or cash back they receive from their bank or credit card company. Customers are more likely to buy from a merchant that accept credit cards as a form of payment. Don’t lose a customer to one of your competitors for that reason.











MagicPay – Get Paid Anywhere!

One of the leading companies in mobile payment solution is MagicPay, they specialize in mobile credit card processing for merchants that are on-the-go. They are one of the fewest companies out there that offers a Bluetooth operated card reader that is very comfortable and safe to use. Their app is compatible with Apple, Android and Blackberry devices, phones and tablets. The company have built 2 plans that it offers its merchants, ranging anywhere from 0.99% – 2.70%. Free card reader is given to each merchant, and no extra fees are charged (such as gateway fees or app fees). if you are interested in signing up just click here

Convenience and Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards On-The-Go

Many businesses today are expanding and more and more companies begin to service their customers at home, as technology have changed dozens of fields are offering service at home. A few good examples include; computer technicians, physical therapists, carpet cleaning, locksmith, dry cleaning delivery, and mobile mechanic. if you are one of those merchants, or belong to another field that service their customers at home this article will show you how to start accepting credit card payments at your customer’s house.





So after explaining the benefits of accepting credit cards at the customer’s location, how to we start accepting credit cards as a form of payment? Many companies offer this unique service, some of them charge fees that are just making it not worth it for the merchant to accept credit cards. Others, such as MagicPay built plans with low monthly cost and low discount rate for merchants that are on-the-go. Find a company that specializes in the mobile payment industry and get in contact with them. Usually they will request information such as Tax ID number or Social Security number (if you are a Sole-Proprietorship) and bank account information in order to get approved. From there on the company’s representative will direct you as to how to receive the credit card reader and beginning using the Apple / Android app.