Credit Repair

What is Credit Repair or Credit Restoration?

Credit Repair or Credit Restoration is a process of properly fixing a credit standing or credit score. It is an act of correcting or disputing a mistaken information for restoration or repair of credit standing or credit score.

If you are building a company that does credit repair, MagicPay can help you with setting up your Merchant Account anywhere in the USA. 

The Best and Affordable Merchant Account for Credit Repair in the USA.

Considering today’s economy, bad credit is common among many people.  In the past decade many credit repair companies have become very popular among consumers. While credit repair companies have entered successfully to the marketplace, gaining customers and building successful businesses, merchant processing banks have been reluctant about approving this business type. 

Most merchant services providers tag “Credit Repair” and “Credit Restoration” firms as “Prohibited” or “Restricted” merchant types. Other MSP’s and ISO’s may call it simply “High Risk Merchant Accounts”. This means that it does not matter how well your financial history is, how many customers you have, or how successful your business model is; if you are doing anything related to credit repair or restoration, you will be declined or denied for a merchant account.

While this is troubling news to many merchants, this is where the light shines. If you are looking for simple and fast account approval, MagicPay’s Merchant Services provides merchant accounts for Credit Repair companies. Our company specializes in domestic and offshore high risk merchant accounts. Including merchant accounts for credit repair companies. We are considered by our customers as one of the most trusted providers of Merchant Account for Credit Repair Companies. 

Merchant Account and Gateway for Credit Repair Companies

When you are looking for the best credit repair company, financial expertise is a must. At MagicPay we do not only dwell on our financial expertise but also with our expertise in legal areas surrounding the credit repair industry. 


When a merchant applies for an account with us, we underwrite every business individually. We do not discriminate against a whole industry and take a close look into the business model, the potential, and the accuracy of the information. We believe that every legitimate business owner is entitled to merchant processing account services.

Debit and credit card processing plays an important role in generating revenue to any business. Providing your clients with payment processing options is essential to generating that revenue. MagicPay is here to make sure that your business would not lose another customer. On top of credit card processing we also offer ACH and Electronic Check processing, with funds confirmation, eliminating bad checks.

Credit Repair Merchant Benefits:

  • Quick, Easy and Friendly Application Process
  • $0 Application, $0 Activation,  $0 Annual Fee
  • High Volume, High Ticket Merchant Accounts
  • Virtual Terminal, E-Commerce and MOTO Transactions
  • 24/7 Live Customer Service
  • Choose Your Payment Gateway: Authorize.Net, NMI, USAePay or eProcessing Network
  • Chargeback / Retrieval Prevention and Monitoring Program
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
  • Affordable Processing Fees
  • Bad Credit Merchants are Welcome!
  • Startups are Welcome!
  • Recurring Billing / Continuity Service Programs Allowed!
  • PCI Compliant
  • Card Verification Value (CVV) / Address Verification (AVS) / 3D Secure Technology
  • Unique Merchant ID and Terminal ID

Starting up your new credit repair company and need a merchant account?

You have reach the right place. MagicPay is proud to serve the Credit Repair industry, get your approval within 2-3 business days. Fast underwriting times allows you to focus on your job without the need to dedicate expensive time to getting the merchant account.

How to get approved for a startup credit repair merchant account?

Credit is Key. Our sponsoring bank requires a minimum of a 635 credit score on TransUnion.

If your credit is close to it (say 620), usually the bank is likely to make an exception. If your Equifax and/or Experian is stronger but your TransUnion is low, the bank would usually make an exception as well. If your personal credit falls below this range we urge you to either get a strong co-signer or try to work on boosting your credit and re-apply.

The following documents are necessary to getting your merchant account approved:

This list is for start-up accounts only, if your business has previous processing experience other documents may apply.

  • ID (Driver’s License)
  • Voided Check or Bank Letter – If choosing a Voided Check, make sure it has your business name pre-printed on it. If choosing to provide a bank letter, it must have your business name, routing number and account number.
  • 3 Months Recent Bank Statements – if your business bank account is new, please provide personal bank statements instead.
  • Utility Bill or Copy of a Lease – proof of address
  • Customer Service Agreement – a copy of the agreement you have your customers sign with you
  • Proof of Domain Ownership – a screenshot of you logged into your domain manager, or a receipt for purchasing the domain.
  • EIN Letter – if any
  • Articles of Incorporation / Organization – if any

Credit Repair Merchant Account Services