Start Accepting EMV Mobile Payments

MagicPay offers two mobile payment terminals, Starter and Premier.


EMV Mobile Credit Card Processing

Start accepting EMV mobile payments chip cards on-the-go, with the first, newly designed Clover app. Clover Go offers convenience, reliability and security. Accept EMV cards and become one of the first US merchants to be mobile EMV compliant merchant. While others stay behind, MagicPay provides EMV mobile credit cards readers to merchants all across the US.

Mobile EMV Credit Card App

MagicPay Starter – MSR (Swipe Only)

MagicPay Starter is perfect for small retail merchants, with less than $2,500 a month in transactions, that are looking for a basic mobile payment terminal using their iPhone or Android device. MagicPay Starter, powered by the iProcess app that can be found on Google Play and Apple Store, offers simplicity along with great owner control.

The app is designed to be a quick and easy mobile terminal that is connected to a complete payment gateway (optional upgrade). The app comes with online reports, multi-device and multi-user management and control, online terminal capability (optional), mobile SDK and online API integration, along with some key security features like encrypted credit card reader (MagTek readers), Address Verification, custom Email receipts, and on-screen signature capture.

MSR Card Reader

MagicPay Premier – EMV & MSR (Chip and Swipe)

The MagicPay Premier program is the newest, most advanced and most secured EMV mobile payments technology available in the US. MagicPay Premier is powered by the Clover Go application, available for Android and Apple devices. Clover Go features EMV mobile technology acceptance on-the-go. On top of that Clover utilizes a friendly user interface, encrypted transactions, internal apps, custom reports, and mobile terminal flexibility (accepting both swipe and chip payments). MagicPay Premier, like the Starter utilizes a multi-device, multi-user management, with custom permissions for employees. It is recommended for any face-to-face business environment, whether retail store, trade shows, or on-the-go.

emv mobile payments

Stay Classic with our Starter Swipe Program

Accept Credit Cards on iPhone or Android

Meet our Premier, EMV Mobile Processing App

Common Benefits and Features (Starter & Premier)

Mobile Payments Merchant Benefits:

  • Free Application, Setup & Training
  • Free EMV Credit Card Reader
  • No Contract, Risk Free!
  • Accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express
  • Next-Day Funding
  • 24/7 Live Support

Mobile Processing Features

  • Accept Credit Cards Anywhere
  • Online Reports
  • Paperless Environment
  • Email Receipts
  • Multi-User Management
  • Auto Tax and Tips

Unique Benefits and Features

MagicPay Starter

  • Accept credit cards with encrypted swipe reader
  • Track customer data with custom defined fields
  • Authorize payments and capture later via the MagicPay gateway.
  • Geotag and transaction location on receipt.
  • Multi MID management
  • Multiple user, same device option

MagicPay Premier

  • Accept EMV mobile payments; swipe, chip, or key in payments.
  • Works with TransArmor data protection and PIN based payments.
  • Record checks and cash payments
  • Inventory management, employee management, tax rates and other custom administrative functions from the Clover dashboard.
  • Clover dashboard reporting



Interchange Plus for Cost Savings

Retail Interchange Chart-New

The table above shows approximate transaction rates by popularity of Visa and MasterCard card types. The estimated actual discount rate is calculated by an average transaction ticket of $100 using our EMV mobile payments. This rate includes the interchange, MagicPay cost for the Premier program and the authorization fee. The statistics for the card popularity on the table are taken from random merchants. Rates may differentiate between merchants due to the nature of transaction and business type.

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