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MagicPay is proud to announce Groovv Offers, a coupons, alerts, specials and sales management software that can grow revenue in an average of 8% by easily enabling merchants to create, send and track offers through social media, mobile devices and email – all in just a couple of minutes.

Gain New Customers

  • 56% of Americans check Facebook daily – be there when they do

  • Every offer that’s created by the software has built-in sharing, making it easy for your clients to quickly spread the word, and advertise your products and services, for free!

Drive Walk-In Traffic

  • Having a slow day? Easily create an offer and drive traffic to your place!

  • Quickly and easily announce holiday sales, promote gift ideas and remind customers of regular weekly specials.

Increase Average Ticket

  • Companies that offer reward programs have a 46% higher average ticket than ones that do not.

  • Alert fans to new menu items, products or services, so you sell more per customer.

Track Results

  • View every offer’s performance in a real-time online dashboard

  • Get a firm grasp of what your clients want

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What’s Included in Groovv?

  • A variety of offer choices, including Coupons, Alerts, Specials and Sales

  • Hundreds of professionally made themes and headlines automatically formatted for email, online and mobile offers.

  • A control panel and dashboard to manage all your offers and consolidate customer data in one place on the web.

  • Send an UNLIMITED amount of offers every month.

  • Get tools to grow your customer list online and in the store

  • No Contract, Cancel Anytime! (We just know that you’ll love it)

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How Groovv Offers Works?

Step 1: Customers Join

Customers join your fan club by opting in via a text or signing up for email and receive an enticing welcome offer.

Step 2: Create Offers

You can choose from eight different offer types and hundreds of professionally designed themes and headlines to create your offer in just a few minutes.

Step 3: Send Offers

Press one button to send an offer to up to five channels at once; Facebook, Twitter, email, mobile phones and your website.

Step 4: Track Results

Our real-time dashboard accurately shows you how your offer performs.

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How Can I Get Groovv?

Sign up to any of the following merchant account programs and we’ll give you Groovv for FREE!

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