3 things you need to consider before selling firearms in Texas, Dallas

Dallas, Texas, is renowned for its Dallas Art District as well as being the origin of Seven-Eleven. It is also a home to the Texas State Fair and the “Super BowlThere’s plenty more to see and do in Dallas, including the annual Big Town Premier Gun Show. This gathering will attract a large number of firearms and related businesses. If your business is in the firearms market or if you are thinking about getting into the firearms business in Texas Dallas, you’re sure to attend this kind of event! 

Now let’s agree on one thing – launching a firearms store and related business is a big challenge, right? Well, it shouldn’t be. When starting a firearms store or any  related business, things should be a lot more straightforward. That is if you’re aware of the following three top secrets, to turn it into a money making machine for selling guns or firearms. Follow these steps closely, to unlock these secrets for a way better business.

1. Apply for the appropriate permits and licenses

Once you determine your business structure, it’s time to apply for the necessary business permits. Don’t overlook the applicable required taxes. You must get an FFL certificate (Federal Firearms License). Each individual or corporation must carry this certificate to do business in the lines of guns and ammunition manufacturing or importation. 

The Gun Control Act, restricts businesses under state and federal laws for a set of given regulations.

2. Search for a narrow niche market

Research your market niche. Collect data to learn more about your market’s  demographics. Since 2020, the FBI conducted over a 1 Million firearm background checks in Texas. Given that four out of every ten Americans claim to come from a gun-owning family, you can tell there is an already tight competition out there. So having the right market niche in selling firearms is a no-brainer.

3. Getting a trusted merchant account provider

Selling guns or firearms is a high-risk business. It needs a dependable and reliable merchant account. MagicPay provides a high-risk merchant account with an all-in-one solution plus a free consultation. As long as your business acquires an  FFL license, we can help. We provide you with a secure merchant account where you can safely process credit card payments for your firearms business and any gun-related business. We take a quick compliant verification with our underwriting and you are good to go!

We offer many payment solutions for your firearms business, such as retail point-of-sale, mobile card reader, virtual terminal, countertop terminal, wireless terminal, and eCommerce payment solutions. We provide excellent support by having US-based customer service in Texas Dallas. We are proud to serve a wide range of firearms-related services such as shooting ranges, tactical schools, and many other firearms-related businesses. See what MagicPay can do for you. Apply for your Firearms Merchant Account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose MagicPay as your firearms merchant account provider in Dallas, Texas?

MagicPay brings technology, banking, and processing all together to ensure a seamless payment acceptance experience. Our payment solution provides you with a dedicated account manager, low rates & fees, fast and easy merchant application, free EMV terminal program, POS integration, and many more. More importantly, our wide acquiring bank network will give you an edge.

Do MagicPay merchant accounts accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover?

Yes, as long as your business carries an FFL license and stays in compliance, MagicPay can provide you with a domestic merchant account, especially in Texas Dallas.

How to apply for a firearms merchant account?

  1. Go to this link https://magicpay.net/apply/ 
  2. Create your account and fill up your information
  3. Wait for the underwriting approval
  4. Choose your processing terminal or software and start processing.

Final Thoughts

Selling firearms is a great and lucrative business. Knowing the three things we provided for you to start a firearms retail or related business will reduce the time it takes to get started. Make it certain that you find and pick the perfect niche and that you are in compliance with the law. You will be miles ahead of the competition.