The most efficient way to become a successful firearms dealer in Houston, Texas

Houston is the world’s space exploration capital. It is well-known for its chili, rodeo, and firearms. With such a long history, Houston has attracted a large number of weapons or firearms merchants and gun brokers. Let’s face it, coping with the competition, which appears to be growing, can be very challenging .. right?

Whether you are an individual or a company, the good news is you can easily exceed the competition! We’ll teach you the most economical approach to exceed the competition, as well as how to accomplish it.

The challenge of selling firearms in a non-saturated gun market is well known. When a customer walks into your store, you want to make sure they wouldn’t leave without buying a gun. The worst scenario you can face is this customer choosing to buy from your competitors. You don’t want to lose any potential customers. This might result in a revenue loss.

How should you handle things better?
Read on to get some insights on how your business can grow its way to success!

How to apply for a firearms merchant account?

The answer is to have a business presence on the Internet. You must set your E-Commerce store as a website while putting more time and effort creating your brand awareness on social media platforms. If you have a website, assess the condition of your online presence; the fact is, your competition already has a website full of inventory, and its online presence might be far stronger than yours. Once set, focus on streaming traffic and leads. SEO and social media presence are only two of the many ways to get notified by your targeted audience. Nowadays, more shoppers are looking for weapons on the internet. Buying a gun can be done from the comfort of anyones’ home. Consumers purchase a gun from your online store even while from their mobile phones! You might try to find a local website development service to help you get started with your digital journey.

Consider this: the majority of your potential customers will even start their search for firearms on the Internet. They will compare prices, learn about models, and even consume information on how to operate a gun via YouTube. Legally registering and using a gun or a rifle is done online and that’s exactly where your sales should be next.

It’s enough that people notice your business as a result of a local Google search. This by itself will bring so many leads, that will turn to be your paying customers. They are most likely to walk into your store just to get the gun they purchased online. This is where you can upsale them! 

Now, the last thing you need to have in place is a reliable payment solution. Help your customers make a gun purchase with ease. Collect payments via credit cards and bring your point of sale or your online presence up to speed. MagicPay can help you process payments by having your own firearms merchant account. Unlike other high-risk merchant account providers, Magicpay provides you with your own dedicated account manager. Stop losing paying customers. Having your own dedicated account manager will save you a lot of trouble. You can find more information on how you can set up your own high-risk merchant account for your gun store here.


Having your own gun store in Houston, Texas is a challenging business. Having your online store is the key to your success. Partnering with a reliable merchant account provider is a big plus! Focus on your online presence and attract more clients with MagicPay online payment solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why choose MagicPay as your firearms merchant account provider in Houston Texas?

MagicPay brings technology, banking, and processing together to ensure a seamless payment acceptance experience. Our payment solution provides you with a dedicated account manager, low rates & fees, fast and easy merchant application, free EMV terminal program, POS integration, and many more.

Do MagicPay merchant accounts accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover?

Yes, our wide acquiring bank network relationships have allowed MagicPay to board firearms and gun-related merchants. As long as your business carries an FFL license and stays in compliance, MagicPay would be able to provide you with a domestic merchant account especially in Houston Texas. Our pricing is transparent and your funding will be smooth with no delays.

How to apply for a firearms merchant account?

  1. Go to this link https://magicpay.net/apply/
  2. Create your account and fill up your information
  3. Wait for an underwriting approval
  4. Choose your processing terminal or software and start processing