Beautiful Receipts

Email or print professional, itemized receipts with customer signatures and a map of the transaction location.


mobile payments reporting

Detailed Reporting

View real-time transaction reports from most recent to last month to your top selling items. Create reports with custom date ranges.


24/7 Live Support

If our online support doesn’t have the answer your need, MagicPay offers 24/7 support with real-life people.

Tax and Tip

Allow your customers to choose a tip amount & automatically include a tax rate based on your GPS location.


Product Description

Set up inventory of items and services in a matter of minutes. Sort inventory by alphabetical order, price, or date added for easy access and Insert pictures from your photo library or take your own


Advanced Fraud Protection

MagicPay ensures the security and safety of every transaction. Credit card data is never stored on the phone, the app or the card reader. You can be sure that all personal information is protected.


Multi-Device Accounts

Use your merchant account on multiple devices simultaneously and track sales from each device individually.

Get a Free iPad POS System

This is the first time in the credit card processing and merchant services industry history that a merchant services provider offers a free iPad POS system. If your business runs over $10k per month in credit card sales you are eligible for the program. There is no catch, no games, no hidden fees. Sign up and you’ll receive the FREE iPad POS System that will include a free Apple iPad, strong plastic stand and a card reader. Replace your old POS system with this innovative, wireless, secure and really easy to use iPad POS system. A variety of customizable options and settings including customized receipts, inventory and multi-user account option. Yes, that’s right, we’ll send you all this for FREE as part of our free equipment merchant placement program.

How Does It Work?

Upon signing up we’ll send you a free Apple iPad, credit card swiper and iPad stand in the mail, which you’ll receive within 3 – 5 business days. The app is super easy and comfortable to use and if you need any help we’ll be happy to assist you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Optional: If you would like to use our wireless printer and cash drawer as part of your iPad POS system we can provide you with a free equipment for that as well. The monthly fee would be $19.95 instead of $12.95.


What are the requirements for this program?

Your business must make over $10,000 in bank card transactions every month.

Any setup fee?

No, the setup is free of charge.

Are there any other fees than what's listed above?

Yes, there is a $79 annual software license fee.

Is there any other equipment required for the iPad to work?

Well, just like with any other POS system, you will need an Internet connecion and a wireless router at your business location. The iPad we’re providing only works on WIFI networks.

How much are the cash drawer and printer?

We’ll provide both the printer and cash drawer to you for $19.95 per month. Or you can buy the printer and cash drawer form us. The printer is $299 and the cash drawer is $65.

Are the rates for AMEX the same as Visa, MasterCard and Discover?

Yes, the rate for a swiped AMEX card is 1.69%. That’s a reduction of 1.20% and $.15 over regular AMEX rates.

When does the money get deposited?

Your money is automatically deposited into your bank account 1 business day from the date of the transaction. Batch time is at 5:00PM.

What language does PhoneSwipe support?

Our app supports English and Spanish.

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Free iPad POS System