Fundraising Events Credit Card Processing Terminal

As a volunteer at a non-profit organization for many years it was important for us to accept donations at any form of payment. As time went by and the organization grew we began to organize more fundraising events for the organization in order to raise donations among people. Technology seemed to be hitting us as people are using more credit cards today than ever and our donations stayed the same since we only accepted cash or checks.

One of the volunteers came up with the idea and asked if it was possible to accept credit cards and see if it raises donation volume so we began looking for on the spot credit card processing terminal. Soon enough we happened to find MagicPay, today one of the leading mobile phone credit card processors in the market. They offered us a very advanced technology of accepting credit cards on the go using our tablets or smart phones. Soon we found our organization increasing its donations by close to 70%, surprisingly studies have proven it to be true, not only in non-profit organizations but in any type business.

As a volunteer I was very happy with the results, that mobile payment solution is really what put our organization back on track, after all it has been proven that credit card holders spend more than non-card holders, some studies show about 250% more. It became much easier for us to handle transactions and more secure as more and more donators preferred to pay with a credit card, we did not have to carry as much cash on us which reduced our liability. All the outcomes were good and benefits exceeded the disadvantages, as there were none.

I can definitely say that this small card reader is what made the biggest change in the organization, that ability to accept credit cards using iPhones or Android devices is what today operates our ongoing events from time to time.