Furniture Merchant Account

Retail and online furniture credit card processing.

Merchant Services for Furniture Stores

Antiques, Kitchen Cabinets, Woodwork & Closets

MagicPay Merchant Services has been serving furniture stores and online retailers since 2012. Our company specializes in high ticket, high volume, card-not-present transactions. MagicPay has helped dozens of furniture companies accept credit cards, now it is your turn!

Working with furniture stores we understand what you need best. Our services include secure credit card payments, in retail, mobile or online environment. We believe every merchant is different and therefore build a custom merchant plan for your business. We work one on one with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and requirements.

More and more furniture stores business owners find themselves looking for a reliable merchant account provider. Whether you run a retail or online furniture business, it could be difficult to obtain merchant account for it. But hold tight, your search is now over.

The main reason is chargebacks. The industry by itself is considered to be on the riskier side of the merchant processing portfolio. While a normal chargeback ratio is less than 1%, many furniture business owners find themselves fight to keep the ratio that low.


Credit Card Processing for Furniture, Antiques and Woodwork

Retail Furniture Store Merchant Account

Running a retail business is a difficult task, never the less, running a furniture store requires special skills and experience. While you work hard enough with customers, employees, managing inventory and controlling your business, you need a company you can trust to deposit your funds on time, protect you from chargebacks and alert you from any merchant account changes.

MagicPay provides merchant account services for retail furniture stores. We, with you, will examine your processing needs and build a custom merchant account solution for your furniture business. The idea is that every merchant works differently and requires different hardware or software.

A MagicPay merchant account allows for maximum flexibility for all your merchant processing needs. From debit and credit card processing to eChecks, ACH and gift card processing.

Our retail merchant account includes the following features:

  • Point-of-Sale integration
  • EMV / Chip Processing Terminals (Support for Verifone, Pax, Ingenico, Dejavu and First Data terminals)
  • Signature Capture Pads
  • PIN Debit
  • Split Payments (Offer monthly payments to your clients)
  • NFC transactions (Apple Pay and Google Wallet)
  • Mobile SDK and API integration.
  • CVV Validation and AVS Verification


Online Merchant Processing for E-Commerce Furniture Retailers

In recent years, more and more furniture stores are starting to offer the products nationally by using the internet. Small and large furniture business owners are using the web to promote their products to customers all around the world. Internet shopping has become very popular among individuals, and so is the demand for online furniture shopping.

While building a website, upload inventory and setting up terms and conditions may be easy, sometimes obtaining payment processing for the website may be a little harder. Most merchant services providers have not yet adopted to expensive online shopping, and set multiple barriers for online retailers to sell high ticket items.

MagicPay is proud to serve those industries. Our unique approach to merchant services provides us with greater flexibility than most processors on the market. MagicPay works with over a dozen acquirers worldwide, in order to ensure reliable merchant processing all along.

Advantages of Online Furniture Merchant Account:

  • High Volume, High Ticket – OK!
  • Start Businesses Welcome!
  • Drop-shippers – OK!
  • CVV Validation &  AVS Verification
  • 3D Secure Available
  • Multi-Currency Accounts
  • IP Fraud Management
  • Choose Your Payment Gateway (MagicPay, NMI, Authorize.Net, USAePay, eProcessing Network)



the MagicPay Difference

Chargeback prevention and management, get clients to pay with monthly installment plans, receive free equipment, next-day funding, and first-class support.

Chargeback Prevention

MagicPay is an expert in chargeback management and prevention. We use multiple tools to help reduce and prevent credit card disputes. Understanding your billing model is an essential key for the success of this program.

Our merchant specialists will design a program customized for your business.

Some of the tools we recommend to use for chargeback prevention in the furniture business are listed below.


  • EMV / Chip Payments
  • PIN Debit
  • Avoid using MSR (Swipe Cards, unless they do NOT have a chip)
  • Recognizable Merchant Account Descriptor
  • Reachable customer service phone
  • Provide copy of receipt to the customer


  • 3D Secure Transactions (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode)
  • CVV & AVS Match
  • Verifi or Ethoca
  • Email receipts and confirmations, explaining your customer the billing model.
  • Good, recognizable, merchant account descriptor
  • Reachable customer service phone


Ready to take your business to the next level?

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Offer Monthly Payments

Aside from helping you save money on credit card processing fees, MagicPay also allows you to utilize tools to grow your revenue.

MagicPay has partnered up with Splitit, a monthly installment plan provider for your customers!

Start offering monthly payments to your clients, all with no credit checks, no new line of credit.

54% of CC users prefer installments over free shipping 54%
63% of high income cc users prefer installments over 10% discount 63%
40% of CC users would buy more w/ith installments 40%