GlobalPay Premier

Features for GlobalPay Premier Merchant Account


Premier Plan


Out of the three merchant plans available for traveling merchants, the premier is probably the most convenient, it offers reliability like no other plan.

With our offline processing feature you will be able to accept a credit card sale even if you do not have phone or WiFi signal. That is done by storing the credit card details on an encrypted file on your phone which then will be uploaded and processed once phone signal comes back on. Once the transaction will completed the file will automatically erase itself from your phone, not sacrificing any confidential information.

This plan is strongly recommended for trade shows merchants where sometimes phone or WiFi signal is out of reach.

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Offline Transactions

No service? No problem! When phone or WiFi signal is not available, transactions can be stored securely and uploaded to be processed at a later time when your network is accessible.

Tax and Tip

Allow your customers to choose a tip amount & automatically include a tax rate based on your GPS location.

Multi-Device Accounts

Use your merchant account on multiple devices simultaneously and track sales from each device individually.

24/7 Live Support

If our online support doesn’t have the answer your need, MagicPay offers 24/7 support with real-life people.

Unique Merchant Account

We know every business is different. No matter what type of business you have, GlobalPay is the perfect mobile payment processing solution for you.

Advanced Fraud Protection

MagicPay ensures the security and safety of every transaction. Credit card data is never stored on the phone, the app or the card reader. You can be sure that all personal information is protected.

Beautiful Receipts

Email or print professional, itemized receipts with customer signatures and a map of the transaction location.

mobile payments reporting

Detailed Reporting

View real-time transaction reports from most recent to last month to your top selling items. Create reports with custom date ranges.