Hotels Credit Card Processing

Hotel / motel owner? We know how important it is for you to process credit cards for booking rooms. Hotels and the travel industry in general is considered high risk credit card processing account for numerous reasons and therefore find it harder to find a reliable merchant services provider. MagicPay offers merchant accounts and payment processing solutions to hotels worldwide with useful tools and payment gateways that enable the hotel to process payments online and in person, while checking in.

MagicPay has helped dozens of hotels and motels in the United States and around the world obtain a reliable credit card processing service and being able to run the business smoothly and efficiently.

Hotels Payment Processing Options:

  • Online payment gateway (allows processing online, over the phone and in person)
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Electronic Check Processing
  • Fraud prevention tools
  • Email Invoicing
  • Email Receipts
  • PCI Compliance

Credit Card Processing Equipment for Hotels

There are plenty of ways you may take payments; online on your hotel website, over the phone (taking phone orders), in person on a credit card terminal or in person on our online payment gateway which could be converted into a Windows or Mac retail POS system. Our payment gateway comes with a USB credit card reader which allows taking payments like a retail store and swiping the transactions, resulting in lower processing fees.

Pricing Information for Hotels Merchant Accounts

Although pricing may vary due to region and political stability in certain countries, the following are the prices for US and Canada hotels and motels merchant accounts.

  • Interchange: 0.30% – 2.50%
  • Transaction Fee: $0.10-$0.25
  • Monthly Basic Service Fee: $10
  • Gateway Fee (monthly – if applicable): $5 – $15

Merchant Accounts For Hotels: What You Need To Know

If you have been owning or operating a hotel, resort, restaurant or spa, you probably have noticed a decline in sales for the past couple of years. The worldwide economic downturn that has occurred over the past couple of years seriously affected almost everyone in any luxury industry – especially luxury travel and lodging. Despite the increased level of difficulty that has come with getting and keeping clientele in this industry, there are ways to ensure that your business still manages to survive the harsh economic times.

Most resort owners know that people like to go out and have a good time, and enjoy a nice vacation. They also know that technology is key. With the spike in online and mobile users searching for great rates for their next vacation, most brick-and-mortar travel agencies have pared down, or even gone completely out of business. A good way to get more customers, then, is to adapt by offering package deals that take guesswork out of shopping around. Better still is the option of offering wholesale package deals to online travel brokers who can get you the clientele that you need in order to stay in business.

Why You Need A Merchant Account

A merchant account is what you need in order to accept credit card payments to your company. With cash and checks becoming less popular as the days continue, you will need to adapt to new payment technology. A good merchant account company can also streamline the check-in/check-out process, and even lower your resort or hotel’s operating costs. Many people won’t book a hotel unless they accept credit cards these days, so not having a merchant account can be seriously detrimental to your profits.

A Great Merchant Account Can Tailor Itself To Your Company’s Needs

Many merchant account companies offer POS systems that are specialized for the industries that they serve. So, if you have a hotel, resort, or spa, you will be able to receive payments, create bills, and keep track of purchases with ease. Though there is some risk involved with merchant accounts, the fact is that it is a risk worth taking for most.

Chargebacks And Issues

The travel industry is notorious for chargebacks, problems with credit card swipes, and other similar issues. Along with typical bickering that comes with credit card swipes, the travel industry also tends to deal with lots of identity theft and fraud. This is why traditional merchant account systems often charge high interest rates for merchants who work in the travel industry. In fact, there are many stories out there of hoteliers who weren’t able to be approved for their own merchant accounts. These stories continue to surface despite it being 2013.

We are not your average merchant account company, though. You can get approved, get low rates, and also get a great POS system that is tailored to the needs that come with working in the travel industry. Call us today for a free consultation.

Hotel Merchant Account