Merchant Accounts for Moving and Transportation Companies

Introduction for Moving Merchant Account

As a moving company owner you probably know it is essential to accept credit cards as a form of payment. At MagicPay we understand your needs and provide a quick and reliable solution. Using our moving company merchant account you will be able to process MOTO, Mobile and Retail transactions easily and securely, without any barriers or holds.

MagicPay integrates with almost any existing terminal, gateway, POS system or software. So you can keep your current system in place or we can provide you with a new solution. Among our solutions we offer secured payment gateways for online and mobile transactions as well as a complete moving software solution for professional movers.

Moving Merchant Account & Software

Aside from reliable credit card processing for your moving company, MagicPay offers software solutions for greater efficiency and effectivity. MagicPay has direct relationship with the leading moving software on the market, MoverWorX, allowing you to get leads, plan your trips, send invoices and contracts and complete the billing process from within the web-based software.


  • MOTO transactions
  • High Volume
  • High Ticket
  • Chargeback Prevention & Handling Tools
  • Accept Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX
  • Secured Payment Gateways
  • Unlimited Users for Gateway
  • Grant or disallow functionality for each gateway user
  • $0 Application / Setup fee
  • Moving Company Software (optional)


Due to the complexity of the moving industry many questions arise upon registering with a new merchant account. We have put some of these questions here in order to provide you with quicker response, if you have any question not listed below, please contact us at 855-891-2600.

My merchant account was terminated, can I apply?
Yes. There are many reasons why a current merchant account can be terminated, one of the most common reasons in the moving industry is simply because most merchants service providers do not support the industry and therefore terminate the account when they see large volumes. Other reasons can be due to chargeback or liability concern. No matter what is your reason, our crew specializes in the industry and will find a reliable solution that would work for you.
I have bad credit, will this affect my approval?
This is a complex subject, generally speaking bad credit will NOT influence our decision when boarding your merchant account, although any open bankruptcies may be an issue. MagicPay looks at the account from a business perspective and typically will not decline an account just for credit problems. Our approval rating is among the highest in the industry for moving companies, give us a try!
Does MagicPay limit processing volume?
No. Upon signing up for an account with MagicPay, you will setup your own parameters for the account, allowing you full flexibility with your merchant account.
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