Accept Payments in Over 120 Currencies

Accept credit cards in person, by phone or online at your customers’ local currency. Get paid in USD with no foreign transaction fee charged to your customers.

Multiple Currency Merchant Account

Real-Time Multi-Currency Merchant Processing

Start offering your clients to pay at their local currency. Accept credit cards from all around the world and use our real-time multi-currency payment processing to ensure your customers pay at their home currency.

The results are simple; grow your business and reach new markets. Increase your revenue by approaching clients at their home country, all done by using our sophisticated, yet user-friendly, Multi-Currency E-Commerce solution.

Setup our Multi-Currency solution on your website at checkout using our API integration. Additionally you may choose to process credit cards on our Virtual Terminal and select the currency for payment from a drop-down menu.

Merchant Benefits

  • Accept Over 120 Currencies.
  • Reduce customer inquiries, disputes, retrievals and chargebacks.
  • Increase revenue and confidence from consumers around the globe.
  • Enhance conversion of online shoppers.

Benefits to Your Customers

  • No foreign transaction fee on your customers’ statement.
  • Pay in local currency, avoiding currency exchange fees.
  • Knowing and appreciating the value of the product / service purchased.
  • Confident and informed buyers with strong purchasing decision.

Multi Currency Merchant Account:

  • Over 120 Currencies Available

  • Unique, Secure & Domestic MID

  • Address Verification

  • 24/7 Live Support

  • Next-Day Funding

Payment Gateway Features

  • Virtual Terminal

  • Web & Mobile API

  • Customer Database

  • Fraud Management

  • Multiple Users Management

  • Recurring Billing

Multi Currency Credit Card Processing

Press Release

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