Offer Monthly Payments to Your Customers

MagicPay is all about giving value to our merchants. Aside from being a leader in merchant account services, MagicPay also helps merchants grow their revenue and maximize profits. One of the ways is by allowing our merchant to offer monthly payments to their clients. By offering monthly installment plans to customers you can benefit from raising more revenue, selling more to consumers that do not have the cash, and also competing with large retailers in your industry.

By offering monthly installments to your customers you can now become a preferred retailer to many consumers. MagicPay offers some key benefits to merchants that choose to offer monthly payments to consumers.

Offer Monthly Payments

Benefits to our Merchants:

  • Offer monthly payments / installments
  • Increase your revenue by an average of 9%
  • Quick checkout, instant approval.
  • Works with any Visa / MasterCard credit cards
  • Compete with large retailers in your industry
  • Works in E-Commerce and Retail environment
  • Get funded for the full amount in 24 hours*

Benefits to your customers:

  • 0% interest-free financing program
  • No credit checks, No background checks.
  • Online portal to view payments
  • Friendly reminders for billing dates
  • No third party applications

How Does It Work?

The monthly installment technology works with any existing Visa / MasterCard credit card. Basically, your customer will be using any card of their choice, and depending on their credit line with their bank, will be approved instantly on our system.