Inventory Management and payment processing

MagicPay All-In-One POS

Introducing the true All-In-One Point of Sale and Inventory Management system for small to medium size businesses.

What is MagicPay All-In-One POS?

The new system would allow you to track in real time your inventory while enabling you to process payments online, at a retail location as well as on a mobile device. All terminals have real time access to inventory and therefore they sync automatically, allowing you as a business owner to keep track of inventory, money and employees while enhancing control over your business.

How it Works?


Java Point-Of-Sale (for PC’s)

Using our Java POS solution your computer would be transformed into a secured and reliable retail POS solution. Available for Windows based computers, the Java POS interacts with our cloud-based gateway and inventory system, allowing you to process credit, debit (including PIN), check, gift cards and signature capture transactions while making sure that your inventory adjusts instantly according to any purchases made.


  • Process payments from any PC, no browser needed.
  • Process payments using internet connection, no phone line needed.
  • Our Java POS supports card and check readers, cash drawers, scanners and PIN Pad / Signature Pad devices.
  • Automatic batches
  • Detailed Transaction Reports
  • Integrates with our Mobile POS, Inventory System and Quickbooks.
  • Customizable Receipts
  • Simple, Intuitive and User Friendly
Java POS

Introduction to Java POS

Inventory Sale with Java POS

Receiving Inventory with Java POS


Mobile Point-of-Sale

As there are plenty of mobile application that offer credit card processing almost none of them have true inventory count that integrates with the retail POS and the online terminal. Using our Mobile POS solution would enable you to sell anywhere while keeping track of all inventory items and get reports of what was sold and where.

  • Accept payments on iPhone, Android or iPad devices
  • Get centralized and secure transaction reports.
  • Send email receipts or paper receipts (if uisng the Bluetooth printer for Android) to clients
  • Capture customer’s signature on device
  • Sync instantly with the inventory manager

Compatible Devices List

Mobile POS

Online Terminal

Merchants that process payments on a virtual terminal can now enjoy ease of processing. Instead of doing double entry transactions between the inventory and the virtual terminal, our virtual terminal would allow you to pick the item directly from the inventory, and once the item is being paid for, it will be automatically reduced from the inventory system.

  • Process payments online
  • Be able to take phone orders
  • Reduces processing time as it eliminates double entry procedure.
online terminal

Inventory Management

MagicPay’s integrated inventory management solution, operated by ePN, enables merchants to process retail. mobile and e-commerce payments through the designated MagicPay payment gateway. Affordable and reliable, Inventory Management is the ideal solution for merchants in need for an automated inventory management system in place but do not have enough capital to develop their own customized software.User firendly, easy to implement and reliable database with customized reporting allows merchants to focus on increasing success of their business.

When a product is purchased, by using the barcode scanner or manually entering the sale, inventory levels are instantly adjusted, providing an accurate tracking of merchandise and inventory levels.All data is being stored on a secured cloud, relifieng the steps it would take merchants to secure the server and backup the inventory.

Invenory Management


  • Easy to use, with user friendly interface
  • Compatible with the Java POS, Mobile Payments and the Online Terminal
  • Automated System, accurate reports and seasonal sales trends, virtually eliminating an out-of-stock option
  • Secure – Our servers are secured to ensure that merchant’s product database will not be compromised.

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  • Free Mobile Card Reader
  • Mobile POS
  • Java POS
  • Online Terminal
  • Inventory Manager
  • Gift & Loyalty Programs
  • Customer Data Manager
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Secured Merchant Account
  • Interchange Plus
  • Transaction Fee
  • Monthly Fee
  • License Fee (One Time)


$50per month

  • 0.50%
  • $0.05
  • $50
  • $300

Quickbooks Integration

Mobile Payments App Overview