QuickBooks SyncPay


Merchants using QuickBooks® are forced to make double-entries when completing a transaction. For example, when a merchant processes a payment outside of QuickBooks®, it takes two steps to complete the transaction. Step 1: Process the transaction with a gateway. Step 2: Enter the transaction manually in Quickbooks. This “double-entry” is time-consuming and inefficient.


With QuickBooks® SyncPay, merchants can process the gateway transaction, create an appropriate accounting entry and automatically mark the transaction as paid without ever leaving the QuickBooks® environment.

Key Features

  • Works directly within QuickBooks®
  • Allows merchants to pay invoices
  • Generates sales receipts
  • Processes batch transactions
  • Generates batch reports
  • Allows multiple payments against open invoices
  • Supports card present transactions
  • Supports end-to-end encryption
  • Compatible with QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier and QuickBooks® Enterprise


$10 Per Month

Quickbooks integration to online payment gateway