Salon & Spa Point-of-Sale Software

point-of-sale software designed for barber shops, hair salons, nail salons, spa and fitness centers

Smart Calendar

The POS calendar is designed for modern business. Features are simple to use with minimal effort necessary.

The calendar allows multiple stylists (employees) and all can view their schedules at the same time on the calendar screen. Viewing the schedule of all service providers is available with just one click.

Reschedule or modify and appointment duration with easy drag and drop feature. After changing the appointment you would have the option to notify the customer. This option is available on tablets and smart phones as well.


Marketing Tools

With smart marketing tools you can expand your business, retain existing customers and increase your revenue. Vagaro POS provides an innovative marketing tool designed to increase your business online presence, remind customers about appointments and send emails and text messages for marketing and other purposes, such as birthday wishes.

Discounts & Deals

Promote your discounts, sales and daily deals on Vagaro’s website.

Be Found by New Clients

Get listed on Vagaro and access 5 million + users who are searching for salons and spas.

Email Marketing

Send automatic birthday emails, follow-ups and reminders to your customers.


Online Booking

Easy online booking tool for your customers. Customers now can book you on any device using Vagaro, Google Yelp and Facebook.

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Simple Pricing

Small Merchants


per swipe / chip

3.49% for manually keyed cards

up to 2 users

18¢ per transaction

$10 monthly fee

$25 monthly minimum

Large Merchants

0.50% + Interchange

all transaction types

no surcharge for keyed cards

unlimited users

9¢ per transaction

$10 monthly fee

$100 monthly minimum