A One-stop payment solution for your firearms shop in Wyoming

Wyoming, the 10th largest state in the US is home to the famous Yellow National Park, wide-open plains, mountains, and many more wonders. You can easily recognize the old cowboy history in the sceneries of the state. Make sure to put on your hat, ride that horse, and bring your guns with you if you wander in the wide-open plains of Wyoming. You will snap that Instagram-worthy picture of an old cowboy rockstar. Did we mention that Wyoming is a gun-friendly state too! Rodeo! Rodeo! You can legally carry, purchase and transfer firearms or guns without having a permit to possess, purchase and transfer. As long as you qualify for the  “permitless carry” law practiced in this state. Wyoming relatively has lenient gun control laws, which means selling guns is less of a headache. However it is crucial to consider a reliable and dependable payment system to have a successful firearms business in Wyoming.

Online Gun Shop

It is worth noting that, as compared to in-person purchases, online gun sales are thought to be riskier. As a result, only a small number of firms provide clients the option of purchasing weapons online. However, there are still some gun-friendly payment processors available that are delighted to handle online gun purchases. Dealers who wish to sell weapons online must first get a license.

Setting up a firearm merchant account

Firearm Merchant Account is all a firearm company owner needs, so credit card payments can be taken effortlessly and without hassle. The firearms dealer conducts a smoother business by setting up a merchant account. Obtaining an authorized firearm merchant account, takes you to the bank, with whom you want to create the merchant account. This is where they take your credit history into consideration. Then the absence of doubtful business operations, and the owner’s capacity to make regular payments is examined. All of these factors will take some time to process. You want to work with a merchant account provider, who has a strong network with banks.

The One-stop payment solution

MagicPay is a one-stop payment solution for your firearms business. We set up an online payment system in your online firearms store. Processing is conveniently faster and a lot more secure with our P.O.S (Point of Sale) system integrated to your online payments. We provide merchant processing services for FFL licensed businesses. As part of our commitment to provide you with top-notch customer service. You will be provided with your very own dedicated Account Manager who will guide you every step of the way. We take care of all of your payment processing needs. Partnered with the most reliable and trusted banks in the country, MagicPay is your number one choice for having a merchant account. Read more about our merchant account services for your firearms business.

Why choose MagicPay as your firearms merchant account provider in Wyoming?

MagicPay combines technology, banking, and payment processing to provide a smooth payment acceptance experience. Our payment solution includes a dedicated account manager, affordable rates and fees, a quick and easy merchant registration, a free EMV terminal program, POS integration, and many other benefits. More importantly, our wide acquiring bank network will give you an edge. Find out more here

Do MagicPay merchant accounts accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover?

Yes, as long as your business carries an FFL license and stays in compliance, MagicPay would be able to provide you with a domestic merchant account especially in Wyoming.

How to apply for a firearms merchant account?

  1. Go to this link https://magicpay.net/apply/
  2. Create your account and fill up your information
  3. Wait for an underwriting approval
  4. Choose your processing terminal or software and start processing