Why MagicPay?

  • No Setup Fee

  • No Annual Fee

  • No Monthly Minimum

  • FREE Card Reader ($139 Value)

  • Works With All Major Credit Cards

  • Lowest Rates Guaranteed!

  • Compatible With ALL Apple, Android and Blackberry Devices


Get Paid On-The-Go! 

MagicPay offers a convenient and reliable service for merchants that are on-the-go. As time goes by more and more people are using credit cards and carry less cash or checks on them, as it is more secure and convenient for them. In order to comply with time and technology MagicPay offers the ability to accept a payment from any location using a smartphone or a tablet.

72% of Americans indicated they own a debit / credit card back in 2008, so imagine as time went by, and technology kept growing what those numbers are today!

Benefits of Accepting Credit Cards

  • Increase Sales – Studies have shown that businesses who accept credit cards see an increase of   50% – 70% in sales .

  • Build Trust – Studies have shown that merchants that display credit card logos as a form of payment they accept give a sense of trust to their customers and the chances are they will do business with you.

  • Increase Cash Flow – as your sales will increase so will your cash flow, you won’t have to be waiting for a check in the mail anymore as the credit card payments will be deposited to your bank account within 24 hours.

MagicPay – Your On-The-Go Credit Card Terminal!

Our set of apps transform any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry phone or tablet into a credit card terminal, giving merchants the ability to accept credit cards on the go.  Customers can pay and sign for their purchases directly on the mobile device and have a receipt emailed to them or even printed on the spot (if purchasing our portable bluetooth printer) with a copy of their signature’s image. Merchants have the ability to process credit cards whether they are present or not by entering the credit card details into the platform.

Extra Features

MagicPay provides the merchant with an online website that allows them to do back office functions, such as resending electronic receipts and retrieving customizable reports.


  • Get Impulsive Buyers – Credit cards holders typically buy more than non-card holders, studies say 250% more merchandise!

  • Convenience – more and more people carry less cash on them and use credit cards every day as it is much more convenient and secure for them. Many customers want to use their credit cards because of reward points or cash back they receive from their bank or credit card company. Customers are more likely to buy from a merchant that accept credit cards as a form of payment. Don’t lose a customer to one of your competitors for that reason.