Virtual Terminal
MagicPay is proud to announce its free virtual terminal and online payment gateway for non-profit organizations. Credit card processing is a major tool for non-profit organizations to collect donations. People may donate online, over the phone or even setup a recurring donation for a requested amount. Here, at MagicPay, we understand the need for non-profit organizations to operate efficiently and effectively. We know how important it is not to miss a donation since this money will be eventually used for a good reason.

So what is the Free Virtual Terminal & Online Payment Gateway all about?

In order to make it easy on non-profit organizations we have developed the first free online payments processing program in the merchant services industry.

What are the advantages of the program?

Free Virtual Terminal

Virtual Terminal

This commonly used tool is a virtual payment processing software. Accessible from any computer with an internet connection, you will be able to accept credit cards over the phone as well as in person. The virtual terminal is the most important tool in the program. It is the back office where you would also be able to refund or void transactions, setup recurring billing and activate or deactivate different features.

Recurring Billing

Recurring Billing

We understand the importance of having recurring billing available for your non-profit organization. Many people are willing to donate monthly and this tool would make it easy to accomplish that. Our recurring billing is fully customizable, you may setup the time frame for the recurring payment as well as how many times and how often you would like the payment to occur.

online payment gateway and shopping cart

Online Payment Gateway & Shopping Cart

Ever wondered how you can take payments and donations on your website? By using our online payment gateway you would be able to integrate a payment processing method to your existing website. It will enable visitors donate online and you’ll receive a notification once a donation has been made.

electronic invoicing

Electronic Invoicing (Optional)

This unique feature, available only through the MagicPay virtual terminal, allows businesses and non-profit organizations to bill customers or donors electronically. All you have to do is put the person’s email address and amount owed. Then, instantly, the person will receive an email with a hyper link to a secured webpage where he would be able to complete the transaction online. You will receive a notification once a transaction has occurred.

store credit card information of clients securely

Credit Card Vault (Optional)

This extra feature allows businesses and non-profit organizations to store credit card information of card holders securely while still ensuring PCI compliance. By using this feature you would be able to charge a credit card without having to go through the process of asking for the card details again. It is a time saving feature that has helped dozens of businesses and non-profit organizations become more effective.


Mobile Payments (Optional)

The following service will allow you to process credit cards on your iPhone, Android or iPad device. If you would like you can swipe cards using a credit card reader that is attached to the audio jack or you may key in the credit card details and authorize the transactions.

Fanminder for Chabad

Fanminder – Social & Mobile Marketing

Fanminder is a social and mobile marketing software that allows businesses and non-profit organizations generate offers, coupons, alerts, specials and sales. If used effectively it is proven to increase revenue by an average of 8%. By using this platform you would be able to create, send and track offers through social media, mobile devices and email. Click here to learn more about Fanminder.

  • Interchange Plus
  • Transaction Fee
  • Monthly Fee
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Online Payment Gateway
  • Recurring Billing
  • Fanminder Offers
  • Electronic Invoicing (Optional)
  • Credit Card Vault (Optional)
  • Mobile Payments (Optional)


Non-Profit Plan

FREE Virtual TerminalNo Monthly Fee

  • 0.95%
  • $0.20
  • FREE
  • $5 / Month + $0.10 Per Transaction
  • $5 / Month + $0.10 Per Transaction
  • $5 / Month


Are there any setup fees or start up costs?
No, there are non setup fees or any start up costs for using the program.
What if I don't like the service, can I cancel it?
We are very confident in our products and services, you may cancel your account with us at anytime without any penalties.
What is interchange plus?
Interchange plus is a pricing structure meaning the merchant would pay a markup on top of interchange (cost). In this case the markup is 0.95% on top of any Visa, MasterCard and Discover fees. To better understand this form of pricing, please click here to read an article from our blog. Interchange Plus pricing is the most professional and most common form of pricing and is being used by most big corporations in order to save on credit card processing fees.
Will I be charged anything if I do not use the account?
This program is offered for free but it does have a $30 monthly minimum on it. In order to cover our costs we require you to generate a revenue of at least $30 in order to keep your account active.
Can I swipe a credit card on the virtual terminal
Yes. Our virtual terminal can be operated as a retail POS system. In order for you to swipe a credit card you would need to purchase the USB credit card reader from us. The cost for the USB reader is $99.
We have multiple people handling financials, how can we keep track?
If your non profit organization has multiple employees / people that handle credit card transactions and you would like to keep track of each for security purposes, the admin can setup multiple users. These users can each be defined differently and have different authorities. You, as an admin, will have access to everything and would be able to grant access to other users.