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Payment Processing Solutions For Your Retail Business

Finding a reliable merchant services company that can provide the right service and equipment is not easy. Here at MagicPay your business is our first priority. As we understand the ongoing concern of investing in payment processing and accounting equipment, we provide free equipment, accounting and marketing software. Already have a POS system? Use one of our payment gateways in order to save money, become PCI compliant and increase processing easiness.

retail credit card machine

Free Retail Credit Card Processing Terminal

Get a FREE retail or wireless credit card machine (choose from Hypercom, VeriFone or Nurit 8000 Series), PIN pad and check reader for your business

  • Accept all major credit cards and bring convenience to your clients
  • Enjoy low and comfortable processing rates, including cost plus pricing merchant account.
  • Optional: Get a free check reader and a PIN Pad

Quickbooks Accounting Software

We understand the meaning of keeping your business operating efficiently and therefore provide FREE Quickbooks software ($395 value)

  • Keep records of all sales and receipts
  • Send invoices to clients
  • Tax preparation and financial reporting

Social & Mobile Marketing Management

Fanminder is our way of giving back to our merchants. We offer a social and mobile marketing management software called Fanminder that will help you increase your revenue.

  • Manage store sales, coupons, alerts and specials
  • Send notification to customers via 5 distribution channels instantly.
  • Gain new clients, increase revenue and track results
online payment gateway

Point-Of-Sale Integration By Payment Gateway

Some businesses may have an existing POS system that may require them to stick to one platform. Our gateways are compatible with most POS systems and our technicians are here to help you set it up quickly and easily.

  • Stay with your current POS but pay less
  • Get a free credit card reader if needed
  • Integrate quickly and easily using our live technicians and integration tools
Gift Cards and Loyalty Cards

Gift Cards On Demand

Turn your terminal into a money-making machine by offering gift cards and loyalty cards to your customers.

  • Keep customers coming back with gift cards and loyalty cards
  • Gain new customers and increase revenue
  • Access our online gift card and loyalty card management portal

Interchange Pass Through Pricing for Cost Savings

Retail Interchange Chart-New

The table above shows approximate transaction rates by popularity of Visa and MasterCard card types. The estimated actual discount rate is calculated by an average transaction ticket of $100. This rate includes the interchange, MagicPay cost and the authorization fee. The statistics for the card popularity on the table are taken from random merchants. Rates may differentiate between merchants due to the nature of transaction and business type. Discover and American Express also work with interchange and rates are about the same after MagicPay obtained the Full Acquiring Program

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