Chabad Merchant Account

Chabad Merchant Account

Chabad Merchant Account

MagicPay is a Chabad merchant account provider specializing in payment processing solutions for businesses and non-profit organizations. We enable Chabad synagogues and Jewish community centers process credit card transactions in a variety of ways. Whether it is on a community event, using a smartphone or tablet, over the phone or online. Our unique online payment gateway would allow your Chabad House to setup recurring donations. Just put in the credit card information of the donor and setup how often he would like to donate a certain amount, all set!

You may find some of our features very effective for your Jewish Community Center,

Mobile Payments

Using our mobile payments solution you will be able to process credit card transactions on your iPhone, Android or iPad device. This tool is effective when having a community event, outdoor or indoor. It has been successful in providing real-time credit card processing solution for on-the-go merchants and non-profit organizations.

Online Payments

Our online payment gateway would allow you to setup a payment method through your Chabad website and offer the ability to donate through the internet. On top of that you will receive full access to our premier virtual terminal. Using the virtual terminal you will be able to place phone as well as retail transactions and setup recurring payments, send email invoices, store credit card information for donors and integrate the gateway to Quickbooks.