Compare and Contrast Authorize.Net and NMI Virtual Payment Gateways

Authorize.Net vs. NMI

virtual payment gateway

MagicPay offers a variety of services and products, some of which may be very similar to each other, others are very unique and specified for certain types of businesses. The reason being is that although different products may have similar purposes, each business is operated differently and requires different features.
One of the services we offer is an online payment gateway, this allows merchants to accept credit cards online, in a variety of ways such as on a website, over the phone, or even sending an email invoice where the customer will be able to pay from. Typically we work with two main platforms, Authorize.Net and NMI. So, what’s the difference?

Authorize.Net has a great reputation of being e reliable payment gateway that allows merchants to accept credit cards on their website, or also at an office, from the back end of the platform, where the merchant is able to key in credit card numbers. Overall, this is what Authorize.Net does, simple, easy and reliable.
On the other hand, NMI has a much more sophisticated payment system that allows merchants to process credit cards on their website, at an office as a retail solution, on the phone and even via email. The virtual terminal allows the operator to send invoices to customers and bill them for the amount owed. The customer will then receive an email with a hyperlink to a secured webpage where he or she would be able to key in their credit card number and process the payment securely.

Aside from that NMI has tons of unique features such as Quickbooks integration, advanced fraud prevention, mobile payments integration (where you’ll be able to process mobile payments and accept credit cards on your iPhone or Android and track all transactions on the virtual terminal). More features include customizing the invoices and logos on the virtual terminal and setting up recurring billing if you offer a recurring service for your clients. Another great feature is the customer vault, where customer information, including credit card numbers, are stored on an encrypted and secured file on the virtual terminal and instead of asking your customer for their credit card number again, you’ll already have it on file and shorten the payment process.

Overall, both payment gateways have very similar features with a few exceptions to NMI. If your business runs 100% online (E-Commerce) then the simple and easy Authorize.Net gateway is a good solution, but if your business is a little more advanced and requires retail payments, mobile solution, recurring billing and email invoicing, NMI is a better choice.