G2 Crowd Payment Gateway

G2 Crowd Personal Experience

G2 Crowd Personal Experience

So between time to time MagicPay chooses to share some personal experience with companies it deals with. This time I would like to share the experience of dealing with G2 Crowd. For those of you that do not know what G2 Crowd is, let me explain; G2 Crowd is a business review and comparison software that is based off legit and authenticated reviews, verified by LinkedIn membership.

Basically, it is a website that offers reviews for companies in different industries, including the E-Commerce and Payment Gateway industry. Also the website offers quick comparisons between companies, making it relatively easy to find what the customer is looking for.

Unlike its competition, and without going into names, G2 Crowd does not offer advanced placement by paid advertising. The ranking for the companies listed on the site is calculated solely by its customers’ reviews. This is good news for consumers, which can finally rely on an honest company that provides truthful information to the public, without demanding anything in return.

The internet is a great source for finding businesses of any kind. But, many marketing firms are using the internet to advance their personal wealth and promote the companies that have the highest advertising budgets. G2 Crowd is one of the fewest companies out there that provides legit, uncensored information that is given by users. Each user must have a LinkedIn account, and when a review is done by someone it validates the review using the person’s LinkedIn account. This way G2 Crowd can eliminate false reviews or reviews by competitors.

We encourage our readers to visit G2 Crowd and rate their favorite company. We believe that honest reviews can benefit the entire web community and provide great information for future consumers who wish to try different services.

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