May at MagicPay

So what happened through the month of May at MagicPay?

The month of May has been extremely active for us here at MagicPay. New plans, products, rates, programs and services have been launched throughout the month. At the beginning of May we announced DualPay, one of the only payment solution platforms to offer mobile, online and retail credit card processing under one easy to use platform. Then, a week later, we started working harder on boarding hard to place merchants, also called high risk, and started offering merchant services in an even greater variety of industries such as travel agencies and PC support companies, worldwide! Last week we came to the peak while announcing the first FREE iPad POS Program to ever exist in the credit card processing industry! So briefly I’ll go through each program and give a short overview.

DualPay – Retail, Online & Mobile Payments Platform

As each business is growing it starts to offer more services, more products in a variety of ways. If in the past different industries were only retail, today you may find these same industries in the mobile as well as the online field. In order to comply with demand and make it easy for the merchants to accept credit cards on their iPhone or Android, accept online payments and of course, retail payments, we have developed DualPay. DualPay integrates all the three under one online gateway. You’ll be able to process mobile payments, accept online payments and transform your PC into a retail register (with our Virtual Terminal) with this easy and effective system. All transactions will be reported to the virtual payment gateway, which is accessible from any computer with an internet connection. This system works with a variety of online shopping carts, it integrates easily to Quickbooks, sends customized receipts and creates invoices quickly and easily.

Expanded the High Risk Merchant Services Specialization

On May 15th, 2013 we have posted a short post on our blog talking about travel agency merchant accounts. In the past travel agencies have been neglected by many banks and financial institutions that were offering merchant accounts. The reason was due to the high risk factor in this industry. We, at MagicPay, have been working hard on helping these merchants and have been in touch with some big banks and financial institutions that are willing to work with these merchants and other high risk industries. So, if your business is under that category, contact one of our hard to board merchant account specialists that will help you obtain a reliable merchant account for your business.

The FREE iPad POS System

So, we save the best for last. On May 17th 2013 we have launched the first and only FREE iPad program in the merchant services industry! Under this program merchants that run over $10,000 per month in bank credit card transactions are eligible for a FREE iPad POS System. This system includes an iPad, stand, printer and cash drawer, all, for free! Just in case you are wondering what the rates are, check out this page.