MagicPay Goes Global! – Offshore Merchant Account

MagicPay Goes Global!

Offshore Merchant Account

Dear Valued Existing and Future Customers,

We are proud to inform you that after hard work that took us a while we now offer international merchant services (offshore merchant account). Now, some of you might ask yourself “what is that mean?” That simply means that you will be able to apply for a merchant account even if you are not from the United States and your business is located on a different continent than North America.

Offshore merchant accounts are sometimes considered high risk merchant accounts (also called hard to board merchant accounts) since it is a little harder to identify and verify a business whose located out of the credit card processor’s headquarters country. Currently MagicPay works with several international banks that will make this job easier and quicker.

Although international accounts have their own rates, depending on the county, industry, and risk involved with individual merchants, international merchants are entitled to the same services that domestic merchants are offered.

  • Mobile payments, for accepting credit cards on the go.
  • Online payments, for accepting credit cards through our sophisticated virtual terminal (also called virtual payment gateway) on your website, also accessible from any computer.
  • Retail solutions, for any kind of retail store that seeks credit card processing and other merchant services. 


You may apply to offshore merchant account here, if you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact us here.

International Credit Card Processing