Payment Jack’s Online Payments Option

It has been a long time since we originally launched the MagicPay Premier program, operated by the Payment Jack app. Originally, Payment Jack was chosen to represent our mobile payment solution for the Premier program. Factors leading to this decision included the low monthly fee cost to the merchant, the free credit card reader, lower discount rates and the recent addition of Fanminder Offers to the platform.

Here at MagicPay we try to listen to your feedback and take it one step further, not just answer to you in words, but provide solutions by taking action. Recently we have launched the online payments option for the Premier program which means that merchants running the premier program can now enjoy online payments at no extra charge.

What is Online Payments?

Online Payments refers to the ability to accept credit cards online using a web browser. Online Payments is a whole market segment in the credit card processing industry and usually refers to E-Commerce and MOTO merchant accounts. In today’s global economy many retail businesses find themselves in need of a MOTO account, not just a traditional retail account. Reason for that is the expansion of businesses over the internet and across continents. As some transactions may take place over the phone or internet, retail merchant accounts are ineffective. Although it may be possible to manually key in credit card numbers on a retail credit card machine, it is not as organized and customized for MOTO accounts as using an online payment gateway for these transactions.

How does it work?

In order to keep the same costs to our merchants and not charge any extra fee for using the online feature, we have added the app to the merchant portal. It is accessible from any computer via a web browser that runs Java. An option called “Launch App” was recently added to the portal, allowing merchants to easily launch the actual app on the web browser and charge a credit card just as quickly and efficiently as using any other mobile device. Since the transaction will be manually keyed instead of swiped, the cost of the transaction will be as if you manually keyed it on your mobile device, with no additional charges.