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Need a Travel Agency Merchant Account?

MagicPay is a leader merchant service provider in the merchant services industry. We specialize in mobile, online and retail merchant accounts including, some call, high risk merchant accounts. If you are a travel agent or generally in the travel agency business you probably already know how hard it is to find a reliable credit card processor. In recent years the travel agency industry is been neglected by many credit card processors due to the amount of risk involved in the business. We, at MagicPay, believe that every merchant, from any industry (as long as its legal of course) should be able to accept credit cards as a form of payment and because of that we offer travel agents a travel agency merchant account option. If you are a travel agent you probably already know how important it is for you to process credit card payments since most people book their vacation today over the internet or on the phone, and the only way to accept payments over the phone is by accepting credit cards or electronic checks (which also requires a merchant account).

Some Benefits of a MagicPay Travel Agency Merchant Account:

  • Fast Approval Time
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Shopping Cart Integration (For Online Merchants)
  • Reliable Service
  • Accept Online Payments
  • Accept Mobile Payments
  • Accept Payments Over The Phone

Shortly, by obtaining a merchant account for your traveling agency you’ll be able to process credit card payments on your website, on the phone or even on-the-go! By accepting credit cards you’ll be able to increase your clientele and generate more revenue, quickly, easily and securely.

MagicPay was able to help thousands of hard to board merchants, including travel agency businesses and help them process payments. In today’s technological era 8 out of 10 consumers use their credit cards to make a purchase, especially when the purchase is of a higher value (like in the traveling agency business). So don’t miss a sale to your competition and obtain a travel agency merchant account to start accepting payments.

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