What is the Best Mobile Payment App?

MagicPay is the largest mobile payment solutions provider on the web. If you looked around our site a little bit you probably found that MagicPay works with quite a few mobile payment applications, the most dominant one being PhoneSwipe but some others include SwitchPay, iProcess, QwickPAY and Payment Jack, and in the next few weeks a couple more apps will join our team. Each app has its benefits, advantages and disadvantages. So how can I choose the right app for your business?

As a default when you sign up for a mobile payments account we, at MagicPay, automatically set you up with our PhoneSwipe app, which is a great mobile payment processing solution for mobile merchants. It lets you accept payments on the go using smart phones and tablets. Aside from being a simple mobile credit card terminal it has other features which include inventory option, online reporting, offline processing and even Quickbooks integration. It has a simple pricing platform, but also enables advanced merchants a more sophisticated and cheaper pricing plan if needed.

So if PhoneSwipe is that good why do you carry so many other brands? As good as PhoneSwipe can get it cannot provide all the needs that some businesses may require, such as an option to integrate to our payment gateway for online merchants. That’s where the iProcess comes into action; with the iProcess, you’ll be able to process credit cards on your iPhone or Android device but at the same time, also use an online payment gateway for your online customers. That will enable you to control all the transactions from one simple interface, our virtual payment gateway.

Payment Jack is another great app, very similar to PhoneSwipe, but it lacks some of the features such as the Quickbooks integration option. The biggest benefit of it for larger merchants is that it enables a different pricing plan that may save money to some businesses. QwickPAY? This app is reserved for our domestic high risk merchant account holders. This app is a great mobile payment solution with excellence in security and reliability. Very simple and easy to use, does the job just right!

As a conclusion, if you need a payment solution for your mobile business, we have it ready for you. No matter what features or needs you may have, we’ll make sure our system complies and suits your business requirements in order to maximize profits and minimize costs and effort.

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