Why Business Owners Need To Accept Credit Cards On iPhone Or Android

Have you seen some of the commercials that have been talking about businesses that have begun to boom thanks to their ability to accept credit cards on iPhone or Android phones associated with their companies? If not, then don’t worry – it’s still a relatively new phenomenon. However, the fact is that the market is quickly changing to a more and more plastic world, and that means that small businesses will need to be able to adapt.

A lot of small business owners do their sales while they are on the go, or they simply do not have an actual brick and mortar storefront to their name. This means that for a very long time, accepting credit cards was nearly impossible for them. The fact is that many people carry very little actual cash on them at all times, which means that going shopping can force them on a set budget if credit cards are not being given as a payment option. So, even if your customers find something that they really truly want to buy, they wouldn’t be able to afford it until later simply because your company doesn’t accept credit cards.

Being unable to accept credit cards hurts your company’s sales. This hurts your company in the long and short run of things, but it doesn’t have to be that way – even if the places that you are selling your goods and services are typically cash-only arenas such as fleamarkets and conventions. There are now ways to accept credit cards on iPhone and Android phone platforms. One of the best mobile apps and services that small business owners can use to boost their profits and offer a higher level of convenience to those who shop through them is by incorporating MagicPay into your phone.


The way MagicPay works is actually quite simple. You have a special attachment for your phone that allows you to swipe credit cards, just like a regular credit card reader. For every swipe that you use on MagicPay, the service will take out 2.70% of that deal. The rest of the money goes to you. As a way to make it even more hassle-free, MagicPay also does not force users to agree to a contract that could potentially complicate the way you do business. It’s all pay as you go.

MagicPay has gotten rave reviews from many of the merchants who have used it, especially since the payments that you receive with MagicPay are deposited to your bank account within a day of swiping. For business owners that want a high level of convenience for their company, there is really no better option than MagicPay. Once you try it out, you will wonder how your business ever managed to go without it.