Why Businesses Should Process Credit Cards on a Virtual Payment Gateway

In the past few weeks I’ve been hearing about more and more companies, large and small, that keep using the retail credit card terminal at their offices. Meaning that they may take phone or online orders but still key them on the credit card machine since the credit card is not present at the time of sale. It looks like these businesses haven’t explored the great benefits of having an online virtual terminal that will enable them to do the exact same actions and even more.

Why Switch?

An online payment gateway allows merchants to process credit cards at a variety of ways, first it allows them to process credit cards on their website, as an E-Commerce business, then it allows them to process phone transactions by manually entering in the credit card information on the virtual terminal and when the transaction is finished you can send, automatically, a receipt to your client via email. Virtual terminals also have the capability of accepting payments as a retail POS by allowing merchant to plug in a USB credit card reader and swiping credit cards on the payment gateway. And, if all that is not enough, our payment gateway allows mobile payments integration so merchants are able to process credit cards directly on their iPhone or Android devices.

Up until now we just spoke of multiple ways you can accept payments through the payment gateway, what about the real features?

    • Email Invoicing

this feature allows merchants to bill customers from the virtual terminal by sending them an invoice with the amount owed via email. Then, the customer will receive the email which will include a hyperlink to a secured webpage where they can pay and complete the sale. Once the transaction is completed, you will receive an email notification showing the transaction details.

    • Recurring Billing

Many merchants offer recurring services that may require recurring billing option. From the virtual terminal you’ll be able to setup specific clients for the recurring billing option. This option is fully customizable and you get to choose the time frame between charge to a charge and the period in which the services will be rendered.

    • Customer Vault

A feature that allows you to securely store credit card information of your clients for future reference. If you have returning clients, that’s a great feature that will save you time on the checkout process. You add each customer to the database; the information is stored on our secured and fully encrypted payment gateway and you’ll have access to make future sales when needed without the hassle of getting the credit card information from your client all over again.

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