MagicPay’s New Program, the Fanminder Offers

I think since the establishment of the company, MagicPay, we have continued to mark our support and care to small business owners. As another way to appreciate and help our merchants we came last week with another game changer in the payment processing industry called Fanminder. To all of you that are retail and mobile businesses, we have developed a marketing software that will enable you to send coupons, offers and holiday sales in just a few steps, and increase your revenue in the bottom line. What does it cost to you? Nothing!

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So, after weeks of hard work, thinking and innovation we have decided that it is just this moment where we need to give back our clients, just like we do always, but this time slightly different. Up until now we have provided clients with free credit card terminals, readers, gateways, Quickbooks software, complete iPad POS systems and other materialistic and valued items that could be easily converted into saved cash by our merchants. This time we went a little beyond this perspective of saving you money, and crossed the border to making you money. So instead of just saving you money, now we offer you the capability to save and make more money using our new program called Fanminder.

What’s Fanminder all about? Fanminder is an easy to use social and mobile marketing software that allows merchants to send offers, coupons, specials and holiday sales to your clients in just a few minutes. It uses social networking such as your website, Facebook and Twitter and mobile marketing such as text messages and emails to quickly send offers to your client. After testing the program on live merchants we have concluded that it has the potential of increasing revenue by an average of 8%. In case you are wondering what is your investment in the program, it is $0! The Fanminder program is offered completely for FREE to all merchants that sign up for our merchant account*. No gotchas, no hidden fees, no contracts!

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Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at anytime, we are here to assist you.

* Fanminder is offered only for the following merchant programs: